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P&I Clubs’ Correspondents

Since 1972, S.A.E MORY & Cie is correspondent of the world’s leading Marine Insurers, including underwriting members clubs of the International Group of P&I Clubs and Fixed Premium Clubs.

We are considered as leaders, our network all over the major Algerian ports provides a very extensive range of services in the followings scopes:

  • Protecting & Indemnity (P&I)
  • Hull & Machinery (H&M)
  • Freight Demurrage & Defence (FDD)
  • Protecting
  • Emergency
  • Legal and Surveying services

Our in-house surveyors have a long experience in dealing with such cases, valued by a strong local knowledge and an exemplary relationship with authorities permitting very often to avoid Owners, Charters and Clubs unpleasant situations loss of time and money.

S.A.E MORY & Cie has dedicated team of well experienced in-house surveyors to defend on best way Members’ interests in case of:

  • Cargo loss, shortage and damage
  • Arrests, fines & Legal Defence
  • Claims Handling & Settling
  • Pollution & Quarantine
  • Collision & Damages to Fixed and Floating Objects
  • General Average
  • Personal Injury, Illness & Repatriation
  • Stowaways & Persons saved at sea

Ship’s Arrest, Fines & Guarantees

Whatever the matter is, S.A.E MORY & Cie always act with smart in order to not delay operations and for an immediate sailing of vessel after completion of cargo operations.

Whether to assist during investigation, a judicial procedure or the handling of Claim, we keep you informed on due time and advise you in your best interest.

S.A.E MORY & Cie always act according to received instructions; we carry out offences and lifting arrest cases by paying fines or giving necessary guarantees to Authorities or Claimants among others assistance actions.
In Algeria, Clubs’ Letters of Guarantee are refused. We are the few whose Letters of Undertaken (LOU) are accepted by Major Cargo Insurers, Local Operators & Authorities, we have a well established business and an excellent reputation.

In practice, our Letter of Guarantee do not exceed 28 days, beyond it is extended or replaced by a Bank Guarantee or very often by an Amicable Settlement.

The wording of our Letter of LOU has been negotiated by our Lawyers to protect as mush as possible Clubs & Members. 

Cargo Claims Handling & Settling

S.A.E MORY & Cie has a proactive manner to handle incidents and claims.

Once appointed, we are on the field of operations by taking necessary measures; we keep a low profile and always leave open a channel of communication for smooth operations leading to negotiations.

S.A.E MORY & Cie team expertise and know-how always offer best solutions to Members.

Our team of external Lawyers will advise on legal matters or litigation, assist and represent in all Algerian Jurisdiction administrative & judicial proceedings.

Our Principals do find with us the best possible defence by a team with more than 20 years practice of Maritime International Law & Algerian Maritime Code applied to local reality and particularities.

We strive to avoid our Principals extra high costs by studying carefully the best legal written advises before defending it prior an Algerian Court.

S.A.E MORY & Cie has a very long experience in negotiating claims, we know perfectly each potential Claimant, for having seat around a negotiating tables for several cases throughout the years.

Under the instructions of our Principals, S.A.E MORY & Cie negotiate and settle amicably 70% of cases, always with the best possible and advantageous rate to them.

Assistance on Crew & Stowaways Matters
S.A.E MORY & Cie is very reactive and experienced to assist Members in case of events involving Crew or Individuals with vessel among others like:

  • Stevedores
  • Passengers & Visitors
  • Stowaways & Persons saved at sea

When it’s necessary and required S.A.E MORY & Cie takes in charge all aspects of disembarkation, transport and repatriation whatever gravity of the case is, even if vessel is on roads.

Whether matter concerns a medical emergency, an accident or a need for medical treatment, we ensure that patient will receive best support and access to all necessary medical examinations, biological and radiological while receiving care, during hospitalization or convalescence for recovery.

In case of death, we ensure that all necessary actions are taken and arranged in conformity with Authorities & Regulation requirements, all in respect of wishes of the deceased and his family.

S.A.E MORY & Cie has a long experience to handle and settle matters of Members with Non-Crew members like injury, serious or fatal accidents.

In Algeria, Stowaways are disembarked only if they are holding Algerian nationality, all other nationalities are not allowed. When dealing with such cases, we keep always a close contact with relevant Authorities with whom we have excellent relations.

Algiers Hub, for Algiers and East Algeria Ports, covering:
Oran Hub, for Oran and West Algeria Ports, covering:

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