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ALGERIA      DZ    gmt+1     +213 to call

Officially People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, 2.38 M km², 6,385 km of inland boarder and 1,622 km of coastline, bordered in the North by the Mediterranean Sea, in the East by Tunisia and Libya, in the South by Niger and Mali, in the South-West by Mauritania and Western Sahara and in the West by Morocco.

Algeria has many facets: coast, mountains, steppes and Sahara, the country holds a rich tangible and intangible heritage and exceptional historical & archaeological sites (Neolithic, Punic, Romans, Byzantines, Islamic, Ottomans, Spanish and French).

Capital city          : Algiers
Local Currency     : DZD Algerian Dinar  = 100 Centimes (Cents) as subunits
Units of Measure  : Metric System
Population           : 34.8 M (2008), 20 cities over 150,000 habitants
Climate               : Mediterranean in North and Desert in the South
Drive on the        : Right side
Workable days     : From Sunday to Thursday, generally from 0800 to 1700
Banks & Offices   : Closed Friday & Saturday
Calendar             : Gregorian for activities and Muslim (lunar) for religious purposes and for official dating of public                            events and documents.
Holidays             :

                          Public holidays

                          January 1st                    New Year

                          May 1st                         Labour day

                          July 5th                         Independence day

                          November 1st                 Revolution Anniversary

                          Religious holidays (Muslim calendar)

                          Eid Al Fitr                      End of Ramadan - 2 days

                          Eid El Adha                    Abraham Sa - 2 days

                          Muharram 1st                 Islamic New Year - 1 day

                          Ashura                          Day of Ashoura - 1 day

                          Mawlid Al-Ennabaoui        Birth of Prophet - 1 day 

Language           :

                          Arabic is official language and tamazight has the status of national language

                          French is widely used by Individuals, Administrations and others sectors (Banks, Universities,                           Hospitals, Business)

                          Spanish is still used in private in some regions by old generation, optionally studied in High Schools                           & Universities, appreciated by young generation for proximity and business perspectives.

                          English increasingly present in the life activities, passed to the status of language of work in                           several sectors (banking, business, telecoms, transport, maritime, energy)


Algeria has a long coastline, with more than 11 operational Maritime ports (international importance and regional access), dealing annually with more than 10,000 vessels and 127 M of tonnes.

Prospective and last years expansion of cargo volume and the number of ships’ calls, lead Authorities to launch projects of partnership, development and extension of existing ports capacities and infrastructures to meet challengers of future.

Additional information, can be found on Algerian Ports Privatization Agency Website :  http://www.sogeports.org/  
Bellow a brief summery of Algerian Maritimes ports :

Port d’Alger DZALG        

Lat. : 36° 47.0' N     Lon. : 003° 04.0' E
Entreprise portuaire d’Alger – EPAL
Annaba  Port de Annaba  DZAAE

Lat. : 36° 54.0' N     Lon. : 007° 47.0' E
Entreprise portuaire de Annaba – EPAN
Arzew Port d’Arzew DZAZW

Lat. : 35° 52.0' N     Lon. : 000° 16.0' W
Entreprise portuaire d’Arzew – EPA
Port de Béjaïa DZBJA  

Lat. : 36° 45.0' N     Lon. : 005° 05.0' E
Entreprise portuaire de Béjaïa – EPB
Port de Béthioua           DZAZW  

Lat. : 35° 48.0' N     Lon. : 000° 12.0' W
Entreprise portuaire d’Arzew – EPA
Port de Dellys DZDEL  

Lat. : 36° 55.0' N     Lon. : 003° 55.0' E
(see Algiers port)

Djen Djen

Port de Djen Djen DZDJE  

Lat. : 36° 49.0' N     Lon. : 005° 53.0' E
Entreprise portuaire de Djen Djen – EPD
Port de Ghazaouet DZGHA  

Lat. : 35° 06.0' N     Lon. : 001° 52.0' W
Entreprise portuaire de Ghazaouet – EPG
Port de Jijel  DZDJI  

Lat. : 36° 50.0' N     Lon. : 005° 47.0' E
(see Djen Djen port)
Port de Mostaganem DZMOS  

Lat. : 35° 56.0' N     Lon. : 000° 05.0' E
Entreprise portuaire de Mostaganem – EPM
Port d’Oran DZORN  

Lat. : 35° 43.0' N     Lon. : 000° 39.0' W
Entreprise portuaire d’Oran – EPO
Port de Skikda DZSKI  

Lat. : 36° 53.0' N     Lon. : 006° 54.0' E
Entreprise portuaire de Skikda – EPS
Port de Ténès DZTEN  

Lat. : 36° 35.0' N     Lon. : 001° 18.0' E
Entreprise portuaire de Ténès – EPT


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