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Freight Forwarding

Our Company is fully accredited as Freight Forwarding Agency all over Algerian territory with two hubs located in Algiers & Oran and offices in Ghazaouet & Skikda.

We provide best services to our international and local customers; they are operating in all sectors. Whatever the mode of delivery of your goods is, our teams are there for you to lead your projects.

For your import, export or re-export, we have the expertise and the means to do so in the best conditions.

Whatever is the nature of goods, the used Incoterms or the applicable customs regime, our teams will always assist you and will clear your files with efficiency.

Our operational & proactive solutions will avoid you to make the wrong choices and will save you to face troubles and waste of your resources (time and money).

Our Freight Forwarding Agency expertise covers:

  • Air shipment
  • Finished goods and Raw materials
  • Plant equipments, accessories and spare parts
  • Rolling stocks, on-site vehicles, and various equipments
  • Live stocks
  • Fruit & vegetables
  • Bulk cargoes (solid, liquid, packed, etc.)
  • Break bulk cargoes (boxes, pallets, skids, etc.)
  • Containers
  • Dangerous cargoes
  • Controlled temperature cargoes
  • Project cargoes

S.A.E MORY & Cie offers to Shippers, Receivers or their Subcontractors:

  • High level of expertise by English Speaking Staff;
  • Operational and Technical assistance for all enquiries, like:
    • Customs Clearance
    • Tariff Classification
    • Value of Duties and Ways of Exemption
    • Update on Files Status
  • Administrative and Financial services like
    • Advanced Funds, Final Disbursement Accounts and Restitution of Credits Owned.

Algiers Hub with Skikda office, for Algiers and East Algeria Ports and Airports, covering:

  Algiers port & airport
Annaba port & airport
Bejaia port
Constantine airport
Dellys port
Djen-Djen port
Skikda ports
Oran Hub with Ghazaouet office, for Oran and others West Algeria Ports and Airports, covering:
  Arzew port
Bethioua port
Ghazaouet port
Mostaganem port
Oran port & airport
Tenes port
Tlemcen airport


They remain confident

SORALCHIN – Adrar-Sebaa Refinery, for NAFTAL

CPECC, Water Pumping Station, for ADE in Ain Salah

GENERAL ELECTRIC - Electrical Power Plant, for SONELGAZ in Hadjrat Ennous

ENERGOINVEST, Electrical Transformation Plant, for SONELGAZ

CITIC-CRCC, East-West High Way, for Algerian State

JCC (IHI) - Renewal of Arzew Refinery, for SONATRACH

BORUSAN, Petroleum Pipelines Projects, for Sonatrach

WELSPUN, Gas Pipelines Project (South to North), for SONATRACH

SAMSUNG ENGENEERING – Renewal of Skikda Refinery, for SONATRACH

HANWHA E&C – Renewal of Arzew Refinery, for SONATRACH

HYUNDAI ENGENEERING – Renewal of Arzew Refinery, for SONATRACH

Customs Clearance, Duty & HS Tariff Classification

S.A.E MORY & Cie teams act with smart and offer a full range of valuable services to clear your cargo in Algeria (import, export, temporary import & re-export).

Upstream, in coordination with our clients, we ensure that shipping documents arrangement are correct and assist to complete them if required to avoid loss of time & money and start customs clearance procedure on due time.

We take in charge Customs issues by submitting required documentation to customs, process and pay duty and others fees.

S.A.E MORY & Cie offer value added special services on:

  • Duty & HS Tariff Classification Determination
  • Preferential Tariff Treatment
  • Duty Drawback Claims & Recovery

We will direct you and assist you to obtain from the various ministries (Energy, Industry, Trade, Health, Agriculture, etc.), government agencies, authorities, institutions (police, civil defence, etc.) and others organizations (Laboratories, Certification, Surveys, etc.) the required approvals, authorizations and other documents to clear your cargo.

Projects Logistics

S.A.E MORY & Cie has a proven ability in International Freight Forwarding of Projects.

We conducted with brillo operations for Major Projects in Algeria, in the fields of oil & gas, hydraulic, energy, transport infrastructures, construction and public works amongst others.

We operated dozens of liner and tramping vessels loaded with heavy lifts, break bulk, bulk and containers. We give always our clients entire satisfaction.
We carry out operations, customs clearance, transport and delivery of your goods to site regardless of the distance and nature of goods.

For your Projects in Algeria, S.A.E MORY & Cie is here to provide you with best services on Algerian market.
With an English speaking staff, language barriers is broken, we determine best means of transportations and coordinate delivery.

We provide shipment visibility door to door.

In port and airports, we keep close contact with Shippers, Consignees and Agents, we arrange carriage and customs clearance.

S.A.E MORY & Cie teams, coordinate cargo discharge & loading operations and notify concerned parties ETA and needed information on time.

To your entire satisfaction and for delivery at named place regardless of distance and place, our teams complete customs entry filling and inspection, manage free time constraints, facilitate cross docking and negotiate with transporters and bonded stores.

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